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TORB is the ultimate game of physics-based swordplay! Like a puppet, the character's every move is tied to springs, joints and wheels that you trigger in simple, familiar ways to produce true free-form combat. Blades clash, slide and behave like real world physical objects!

There are no character animations in TORB.  The fight is happening immediately in a virtual, but physically-grounded world. Each fight, each swing, each individual collision is completely unique and can always surprise you!



- TRUE FREE-FORM COMBAT - Create your own techniques, styles and moves. Unique control system allows for first-time TORBers to jump in and  have fun while giving cagey, battle-tested masters endless depth and possibilities.

VERSUS - UP TO 4 PLAYER LOCAL MULTIPLAYER (Teams or free-for-all) - Dynamic, lightning-fast chess matches where opponents must react to each each other in split second real-time.  Players look for actual, exploitable openings that dynamically emerge and then strike with zen-like immediacy. Great duels and team battles build to a fever pitch, and only mastery can determine the outcome!

- WAVES - UP TO 4 PLAYER CO-OP or SINGLE PLAYER - Face an ever-spawning Gorblyn army on 3 completely different stages, each with unique phsyical structures for you to use to your advantage.   Only razor wits and sharp teamwork can save you from the onslaught!

- SANDBOX -UP TO 4 PLAYER CO-OP or SINGLE PLAYER - With your mouse, create your own combat scenarios. Place dummies to test moves, create meditative exercises against AI, or stage ENORMOUS, GAME CRASHING BATTLES!  


IMPORTANT NOTE! TORB is best played with a controller! It works with mouse/keyboard, but it has been designed for analog stick/trigger controllers.


- Hide UI

- Control Rumble Strength - Xbox One controllers are much newer than our game's engine version, so they behave a bit strangely. In particular, some have unusually strong rumble in TORB. Lower this value if it's too nuts.

- Music Volume - Did you know our music is dynamic? As AI enemies spawn, their theme mixes fluidly with the other enemies' themes, forming a SYMPHONY OF DEATH.

- Gravity Scale - This can get nuts, but go for it.

- Shield Recharge Time - Turning this down really changes the game.

- Total Bops to win Free For All - Changes the target number of bops needed to win a TORBmatch when its every TORB for itself.

- Total Bops to win Free For All - Changes the target number of bops needed to win a TORBmatch when its TeamTORBs time. There I said it.


- KNOWN UNKNOWNS - TORB is an old project with lots of experimenting and tinkering under its hood. When you make a game about a crystal dimension of infinite, unique sword battles, you pay for it with some mysteries.  To be honest, we don't really know all the crazy stuff that can happen in TORB. Its never lived out in the wild, so be prepared for some unpredictable things. Its a weird little game, but it loves to be played and its can always surprise you!

- STARTUP - Its so weird how it takes so long to get to that unity splash screen. Sorry.

- WEAPONS - The game is currently balanced for the main weapon, the CRYSTAL BLADE! However, you can try out some alternate weapons in any game mode. THESE WEAPONS ARE NOT AT ALL BALANCED AGAINST EACH OTHER. 

- WAVES (THE BRIDGE) - That map is big, but it was made in less than a month, so sometimes enemies get stuck in strange crevasses! This is lousy because then you can't end the wave and you have to restart. Sorry, it bothers us too.

- WAVES (THE BRIDGE)- Sometimes a buddy gets stuck on a wall. If you've played waves, YOU'LL KNOW WHO WE MEAN. Use your grapple to un-stick them.

- WAVES (THE BRIDGE) (sigh) - Sometimes the gates are a bit hard to open. They are completely physical contraptions so they can be a bit unpredictable.

-WAVES (DOOM DONUT) - Some slowdown due to insasne physics goign on.


TORB created by Adrian Lopez-Mobilia and Jason Rosenstock

Music by Gabe Lopez-Mobilia

Massive 'THANK YOU' to everyone who  encouraged us to keep working on TORB. Its a little game, but to us, its a really huge, personal project. Thank you for understanding that and helping to keep the TORB alive! 

TORB heroes include:

Alex Thomas, Rusty Moyer, Julia Lopez-Mobilia, Evelyn Cecilia Lopez-Mobilia, Karina Bonin, Stephen Foster, Ali Chenitz , Michael  Elder, Jeffrey Visgaitis, Nathan Swaney and anyone else who got roped into late night playtests over the years!

Special shout out to Nick Stohlman, Cameron Newman,  Michael Garcia and the rest of the TORB enclave at Avalanche for lunchTORBING and pushing TORB to its limits!


For more TORB news follow us at: http://torb-game.blogspot.com/

Or join the TORB Discord!

PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(20 total ratings)
GenreAction, Fighting
Made withUnity
Tags3D, Co-op, Fantasy, Physics, Singleplayer, Split Screen, Swords, torb, Versus
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Xbox controller
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player count1 - 4


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Cool game it's like what it is but with swords and axes

where update :(

what are the controls for keyboard

(1 edit)

How do i change my weapon ?

Let/right bumpers to change weapon when you are selecting your color/symbol. Have fun!

thanks a lot

do ppl still play this?


Life before TORB: weak, nerdy, sad

Life after TORB: gigachad, transcendental, burgers

This game is fuckin good with 2 dudez hahah


It's Torbin Time!


why does a nintendo switch controller not work like the full separate black one not the joycons and second what controllers do work cuz the nintendo dont so i wanna buy a new one but wich one to buy for it to work or do i get some sowftware converter widows thingy. :~>


I have multiple suggestions but also multiple issues.

First of all, on the bridge map after I finish a wave my camera gets stuck in one direction and I have to restart.

Second of all, the longsworder is a literal gigachad, literally as strong as a boss.

Now for my suggestions.

1. Add the longsworder's sword as a weapon

2. Add more colors

3. Make it so you can save savebox items

4. Add a shield (not the push button, an actual shield that you hold)

I love this game and I play it on my friends computer and I would love it if you could up date the game so it runs on on the new iMac system Catalina so It would be possible for all us newer iMac users to be able to play. Thank you!

nvm I scrolled down lol

What are your plans for the future of this game?

Hi there!  I'm posting a link to my last post about the future of THIS VERSION of Torb... https://itch.io/post/3219580

How do you even use ps4 controllers? My Xbox 360 controller isn't working.

Sincerely: TorbIsTheBest

I'm not sure about PS4 controllers, but I imagine you need to get a windows driver for one. I used one years ago to play TORB, but it was before there was a windows driver for the controller (I usually prefer sony's controllers!) Good Luck!

Deleted 127 days ago

There's a bug when my mouse just... isn't read, like i swing it around left and right and nothing happens the guy just doesn't move. It's not my mouse's problem since sometime it does register it and I can use my mouse fine outside of the game

Otherwise it's a brilliantly fun game, good job mate!

Is the game still being worked on?

You should add some more weapons, like a lance or a glaive or even a shield. Still gr8 tho.

This is the most satisfying game I've played since Dark Souls 3.


So glad you like it and thanks for your support!

Doesn't work on macos catalina you just need to make a 64-bit version, luckily I was already planning to switch to windows, I changed my computer to run windows 10 pro


Hi everyone! Wanted to write a small post about Mac OS Catalina and TORB. TORB was made on a very old version of UNITY from about 10 years ago. This version of unity does not support MacOS Catalina (it didn't exist back then!) and though we've tried to update TORB to a newer version it breaks most of the game and would require months of rework. Since this is a 2-year-old, free game that we made for fun, we simply don't have the time to keep updating it and work on new projects. 

Instead, we've been working on NEW GAMES in the TORB world, hoping that we can remake this experience and have things like online multiplayer and coo-op, VR/non VR players. Our first new game will be out pretty soon (FULL DISCLOSURE: its a TORB VR hockey game), and we have to focus on projects that will eventually allow us to fund more TORB games. 

While this old version of TORB is near and dear to our hearts, we are only 2 people. We have to decide to let go of the old projects and work on the new. There's just not enough time or people to support this free game on the side. Plus, we have jobs we have to focus on as well! So, the bad news is that  there will be no updates to this version of TORB  (until, of course, it wins Game of the Year, makes millions and we can release the remastered version!) . The GOOD NEWS is that we can work on games that will build up to more physically-based action games, and eventually the perfect version of TORB! I apologize to MacOS Catalina users ( I used to be a Mac gamer, I feel your pain) and I hope in the future we can all play a version of TORB online together!

I can respect that.

Please add 64-Bit Support as MacOS Catalina and Later Cannot Run the game


I love this game, but it can't run on the new and updated Mac, a simple update to add to the games files would be to update its compatibility with the new updates. that's the only flaw I can think of


m a s s i v e  p p  g a m e


i cant belive i played this game this is now one of my favorite  games please add more updates thank you :-)


Awesome that you discovered us, thank you! The free version of TORB will not be receiving any new updates here, unfortunately.  We both have other jobs/projects, and we are spending our time making  new TORB  games. We have not abandoned TORB as a concept, and we continue to work on physics-based games in the TORB universe! We will post any updates on our progress here. Until then, enjoy the free version and we hope you make some sweet sandbox levels, chop some gorblyns, battle your friends! Thanks again!


can you make the steam version please 


does it support keyboard and mouse?

(1 edit)

It does, it just takes some getting used to. If you just press keys to try and figure out what they do, you'll get the hang of it. I think F heals you or something

Edit: F doesn't heal you, you heal after a short amount of time. F makes it easier for other people to find you.

Does this work on macOS Catalina 

Honestly I'm not sure, I don't have a mac to test it on...however ITS FREE! so feel free to try it out

Hey Jeson Bro What Are You Doing No New Game No Update

Yea there are no updates planned for this version of TORB. we are working on new games, but its all in our free time so progress usually comes in bursts. We will announce any new TORB stuff here first!

Ok Thanks For Your Responce

hey Jason when is the next version coming?

Unfortunately, Its all done in our spare time, and right now we don't have a ton of that, HOWEVER we do work on several projects/ideas, and they all build towards another game like this.  We have a big vision for this game, and as physics and networking  start to get faster and better, we will hopefully get to realize it!

thank you

Hey Man please help me when download is completed it says Failed - Forbidden



HI! Sorry you are having trouble. I don't have a Mac, cant test this, but I can download the file for mac no problem.

try redownloading as I only get that issue when pausing the download, if the game says you don't have permission to open it, use "sudo chmod -R 755 " then drag in the file and it should work fine (after bypassing security)

hey can you try updating this game for the mac 64 bit ver. plz

Hey Jason, just found this game! this is crazy fun, a real diamond in the rough. I had just a few questions for future development. Is online play in the checklist, and would steam controller support ever be a thing? Again, really want to say how freaking fun this is, with its simplistic style but potentially complexity. Honestly a beautiful piece. Nicely done. 

P.S. PS4 controllers can work with TORB, you just need DS4Windows. Simple software to set up if you have windows 10, and for an (arguably) better controller.

can i use a DUALSHOCK 4 controller from my ps4 for this game?

Im not sure, i dont have one. Though i used to use a Dualshock 3 to play it about 7 years ago (i had to have a  special driver then but things might have changed)!

yes, you ca


Thank you all for trying out TORB! When we passed 4k downloads we were blown away! I'm sorry that we aren't updating THIS version of the game, we both have a bunch of work commitments and we are cooking up some new stuff on the side. We highly encourage players to try streaming services like Parsec (https://parsecgaming.com/) for some "online couch" multiplayer. We will keep you posted on the future of TORB!

This game is amazing, keep up the good work!


this is the best sword fighting game!


Thank you so much for saying that! 


we need every master swords man to play this game but for the love of god remove controller controls for people who dont have controllers or change the setting


Great game! Loved it! But can you get to work with MacOs Catalina? i installed it without realising that it didn't work, and now I can't play my favourite game.


Aagh! sorry about that, we haven't tested it on MacOs in a while. TORB is such an old game made on an old version of the engine....I'll do my best, but unfortunately I cant make any promises for the near future. Never fear, though, we are still working on TORB when we can!


thnx! <


I have an idea for a new weapon.

(1 edit)

ive been waiting for this game to release for AGES! im loving it and happy its out.

what plans are there for updates/ the future of TORB? i saw a comment below that 'this version' wont be updated much, but....?

TORB will continue, but its development is kind of a prolonged, fun art project. I cant say when, but there will be more TORB!

im so happy to hear that! 


Great game, started recording a video a 15min video ended up recording for an hour and a half.


Awesome! So cool to see people playing CO-OP!Huge update coming very very very soon.  New stages, a proper options menu, even more cool stuff. Almost done, so watch for it soon!


our other parts of the video


Thanks so much for making these! Hope you like the new update and new weapons!


Nice game


Thank you! Huge update almsot ready, will post it soon!


Made a video


Thanks for playing guys!

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