TORB Update 1.1

TORB 1.1 UPDATE Released!


  • 4 NEW WEAPONS available in all game modes -
    • THE GREATHAMMER - Explosive damage on strong hits cause shockwaves that send your foes flying!
    • THE BOW - Zoom in with the left trigger and rain sticky arrows on your enemies!
    • THE TWIN BLADES - Harrow your foes with a spinning vortex of blades!
    • THE SABER - Small, tight swings with needle accuracy and a strong forward defense. Slice your enemies with elegance!
  • DOOM DONUT - A new Waves stage, the DOOM DONUT features a ring of orange ice that causes  both friend and foe to slide out of control. Use new BoostGates to hurl yourself into the fray!
  • ACTUAL OPTIONS MENU - Proper options!


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